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Thompson Garage Door Repair Phoenix AZ is your reliable source for all your needs for your service needs regardless of whether you have commercial, residential, roll up or overhead doors. Our highly skilled technicians and our well established system make it possible for us to provide value for our customers any time that we serve them.
Do you need garage door panel repair? Did you pull into your garage before door rolled all the way up and ended up damaging one of the panels? Or did an act of nature cause the damage?

Whatever the cause of your mishap, we can repair your panels and get your system operating well again as well as give your home exterior the appeal that is lost when you have a banged up door.

We can find a garage door panel that fits your requirements and that fits your door properly just like your previous one.

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We are always interested in only fixing the broken parts and saving the rest of the door in order to save our customers money.

If you need garage door panel replacement we can provide you this service. This process involves installing a new panel and hopefully repairing the rest of the door parts that could have been damaged so as to save the rest of the door. We are good a helping customers save money by only fixing what is broken and not recommending entire doors be replaced just because one part is damaged.

For all your overhead door panel repair needs, call us and let us assist you and provide you with the superior services that you expect from an industry leader. We focus entirely on providing you with value and with services that meet and exceed your needs.

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